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To Whom it May Concern
1st of December 2022 - 31st of December 2022


‘To Whom it May Concern’ is a body of work in which Isabella focuses on her characters story developments. The characters are observed in their “day to day lives” within the drawings. Cancino brings emphasis on the emotions displayed through the monotonous tasks in life, playful gestures and intense feelings. The works are drawn as antique-like photographs, done mostly in graphite pencil. Some pieces are more theatrical than others, but in its entirety, the drawings show a contrast of emotions by using soft and sharp hues in which the graphite is applied.


Isabella’s love for children’s books and classic literature is what truly inspires her work. Specifically in ‘To Whom it May Concern’, eight out of twenty of the works tell a sequential story of developing bonds and ties. How it is not in being unlike anything that makes something unique; it is in fact the time and love put in that creates the unique ties. As Isabella focuses on a visual story board, the ties are shown between the tulip who is the tamed and the tamer who is the main character.

This is a special concept in which Isabella is continuing to further explore and develop. 

Vlab Gallery 

Justiniano 9
28004 Madrid, Spain


How Sad, How Lovely
17 Mar 2022 – 10 Apr 2022

How sad, How lovely is a collection of work drawn during a time of uncertainty. A period of time where much time was given to sit with oneself and think. To overthink yesterday, to anticipate today, and to worry about tomorrow. Each of the works in the exhibition holds the mutual and temporary feeling of dismay, but only the dismay of that day. The works on paper leave room for interpretation, hope, and optimism. For one can imagine that nothing is set in stone as they are only drawings of untold and unfinished stories. Just as the clocks keep ticking and the bells keep fading once they’ve rung…do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries, today’s trouble is enough for today. It’s sad, but it’s lovely.

Moosey Gallery 
22-24 Camden Passage,
Islington, Lond
on N1 8ED


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